Liverpool Road Methodist Church

Sunday 9th May 2021


Service time at Liverpool Road Methodist Church.

All services at Church suspended until further notice.

Circuit Online Service this week 11am

This week’s online service is led by Rev Sonya Marshall and opening God’s word will be Richard Cowan.


God of mercy, as we rejoice in the resurrection of your Son, the Bread of Life, feed us with your plenty and increase in us compassion for the hungry; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.

Lectionary Readings – Sunday 9th May 2021

Acts 10.44-48; Psalm 98; 1 John 5.1-6; John 15.9-17


General Notices

Birkdale Prayer Meeting

The next Birkdale prayer meeting will be on Monday 10th May at 10am


Continues Thursday 13th May and finishes 20th May. Zoom opens 6.45pm and sessions start at 7pm prompt. (No Monday sessions this time) If you would like to join or for more details please contact Sally on 07743 660155.

Bible Study

The Bible Study Group continues to meet every Tuesday at 10.30am via Zoom.

Coffee after Church 11.45am every Sunday

Join the congregations of Ainsdale & Liverpool Road Methodist Churches for a virtual coffee after the online service 11.45am

Church Notices

If you have any items you want including in the notices for the next week, please let Lucy Lloyd know by Tuesday 11th May on 01704 536648 or


The Body of Christ

Paul in his letters continually refers to ‘The Church’ as ‘THE BODY OF CHRIST’ with Christ as the head.

For a body to work efficiently each part needs to be in place and working effectively.

The body needs to be attached to the head. It needs to be fed, watered, kept warm, exercised and cared for.

As we look forward to meeting up again, let’s encourage an

‘Every Member Ministry’, each person bringing their gifts and inspiration to the table so that the body can be healthy and functional, working effectively in living and sharing the Good News of Jesus.

Let us also care for each with the love of Christ.

In Ephesians Paul warns the church not to harden their hearts like the heathens. The word for hardened is ‘Porosis’, derived from the word ‘poros’ which is a stone harder than marble.

The word is used

1) Of chalk stone which can form in joints thus paralyzing action.

2) Of a callus which forms where a bone has been broken and re-set, a callus which is harder than the bone itself.

3) To mean the loss of all sensation.

If we harden our hearts, through bitterness, unforgiveness, gossiping, not listening or caring for others instead wanting our own way….. we will find our body becomes dysfunctional and broken.

So let us

“Encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing”

1 Thessalonians 5v11.


Worship – TV & Radio


BBC Local Radio (incl Radio Merseyside)

At 8.00 am this Sunday, all 39 BBC local radio stations will be joining together for worship.

  BBC Radio 4

Sunday 8.10am – How to Pray

The American monk, Thomas Merton wrote “The secret of prayer is hunger for God. The will to pray is the essence of prayer”.

In this service from Bishopthorpe, the official residence of the Archbishop of York, The Most Revd. Stephen Cottrell explores the question of how to pray. It is prayer that sees many believers through the hardest times but it is not always an easy practice to maintain. He reflects on the Lord’s Prayer, the meaning of the words and the impact of them as they are spoken.


Sunday 1.15pm – Songs of Praise – Swansea

Brenda Edwards is in Swansea to explore how Christianity has shaped the city’s past and present.

She explores how the rise of nonconformist chapels and the famous Welsh Revival of 1904 saw the Christian faith sweep through the nation of Wales and beyond. She visits the modern Liberty Pentecostal Church, which, inspired by that history, is bringing new life to one the city’s historic chapels.

Swansea singer-songwriter Mal Pope reflects on his own roots in the chapels of his home city and how that heritage shaped his faith and music. He performs one of his most poignant songs, A Child’s Prayer. Meanwhile, Katie Piper meets author and broadcaster Chine McDonald to hear the story of how the charity Christian Aid is marking 75 years of fighting global poverty.

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