Welcome to Liverpool Road Methodist Church

Please don’t leave without saying hello!


9.00am. Revd Martin Abrams. Holy Communion

10.45am. Mr John Forshaw

6.30pm. Mr Colin Fyles


Lectionary Readings:

Jeremiah Ch 1: v 4-10 (P 755)

Psalm 71: v 1-6 (P 584)  1 Corinthians Ch 13: v 1-13 ( P 1153)

Luke Ch 4: v 21-30 ( P 1031)


Flowers: Mr & Mrs Geoffrey France


Verse for the week:

“Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.”

1 Corinthians Ch 13: v 6


CRECHE during the service. Toys are available in the vestibule for our younger congregation, and as the service is relayed in that area, parents and friends need not feel excluded. Beginners (3-5) and Primary (5-7) meet in their own rooms & Juniors (8-11) in the main hall.



7.00pm. Prayer meeting) Both at 36, Ryder Crescent.

7.45pm. Bible study       )


8.00pm. Wesley Guild. Devotional- Revd Marie-Anne Kent.


9.15am. Iona Worship


FOOD BANK Thank you for your continuing support. In short supply at the moment are long life milk, fruit juice, large size nappies and pet food.


A DATE FOR YOUR DIARY-FIREFEST 1-3 March at Leyland Road Methodist Church. Please see programme of events in vestibule.


PATRICK’S LEAVE Patrick is on leave until Tuesday 5 February. If anyone needs to contact a Methodist minister during this period please contact Revd Michael Ogwuche at Michael.ogwuche@methodist.org.uk or on 01704 628863


LADIES CAMEO The next meeting will be on Wednesday 6 February at Four Seasons Garden Centre at 2pm. Come and join us for cake or tea cake to think about future meetings.

CONVERSATION ABOUT SAME SEX MARRIAGE You are invited to come and share in the conversation, whether you support same sex marriage, are opposed to it, or just don’t know what to think! This will take place at Victoria Methodist Church on Thursday 7 February at 2.00pm or 7.30pm. The invitation is open to everyone connected with the Methodist Church and is an opportunity to engage with those who may see things differently, openly, honestly, prayerfully and graciously.


HEALTH AND SAFETY NOTICE FROM THE PROPERTY COMMITTEE The two main sets of doors to the front entrance to our church are currently fitted with auxiliary handrails/grab rails. We will shortly be removing the handrails from the doors nearest to Sandon Road. (On the right as you leave through the church foyer. The reason for this is to make a wider door opening. Handrails will remain on the other set of doors. It is also important that because both sets of doors act as Fire Exits they must be kept unlocked at all times when the church is in use. Geoff France, Property chairman


FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS The funeral for Geoff Kendrick will be on Monday 11 February at 11.00am. Please continue to remember his family in your prayers.


TALKING OF GOD TOGETHER Please see leaflet given out last week of which there are more copies in the vestibule. Please sign (today if possible) if you would like to join a study group and/or purchase a copy of the booklet.

If you would prefer to join a group on a Monday evening Andy & Eve Trimble are offering hospitality at their home. Please also sign up for this on the sheet in the vestibule.

The Wesley Guild is also hoping to run sessions on Tuesday evenings in March.


BIRKDALE CHURCHES TOGETHER are looking to put on a joint Alpha Course starting in the spring. They are looking for a team to help run this and need volunteers to help small group discussions, bake cakes, serve refreshments and with promoting the course. The course lasts about 10 weeks but you don’t need to commit to every session. If you are interested in being involved please speak to Kate, kategreaves81@gmail.com  07563976961 or Katherine Katherine.amer@icloud.com


SOUTHPORT TOWN PRAYER MEETINGS Tuesday mornings 7.30-8.30am.

February’s venue is Sacred Heart, Ainsdale.



10.45am. Revd Patrick Evans. All Age Worship

6.30pm. Revd David King. Holy Communion

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