Sunday Services

There has been Sunday Worship at Liverpool Road since 1908 – although there have been many changes and many different preachers over the years. However the message is the same today as it was then –

Jesus died so that we all can have a fulfilling life – now and in eternity. The day begins with a prayer meeting at 09.30 am, before the morning service at 10.45am.. On the 1st Sunday of each month a there is a short Communion Service at 9.00am.

The morning service begins at 10.45, when all members of the church family gather together for worship, then usually after the second hymn, the younger members leave to meet in the various departments of Junior Church. For the very young there is a crèche available in the vestibule. On the 2nd sunday of each month we celebrate All Age Worship, when the uniformed organisations and other Junior Church members are with us for all the service. This service is always relevant to their needs, and often involves their participation.
The evening service at is preceded by songs/hymns led by the Praise/Choir group members. This service often seeks to explore alternative ways of worship, e.g.- meditation, praise, drama, and audio/visual material.
However central to all of this is the message, which is given by a minister or a local preacher. We hope this gives you an insight into our Sunday Services.

Praise Group and Choir

We are ‘an all’ age group of enthusiasts who love to sing and play for our Lord. We do not pretend to be of “professional” standard, but welcome anyone who can hold a reasonable tune and is willing to practice. Our style is varied from Rock and Roll to arrangements of the standards. We try to accommodate whatever the preacher wishes, to engender a positive approach to our Maker.

May God bless all that we do to achieve our aim:
We exist to worship God through music and to encourage and lead others so that we may all know the love, peace and joy that He brings through the grace of Jesus Christ. Formed in 1994, our line up has changed over the years.The current Praise Group / Choir line up consists of:

  • Derek on acoustic guitar
  • Andy on flute
  • Michael on acoustic guitar
  • David on piano
  • Helen on piano
  • Various singers from the Praise Group & Choir

We usually lead worship before most evening services and often we contribute songs during the morning and evening services. In all these things we try to serve God, the congregation and the preacher – and we have a good time doing it.


Prayer Ministry

There is an active prayer ministry within the church.  Prayer meetings are held on:
Sunday mornings 9.30 – 10.00am. where the day’s services and those leading worship are remembered especially.
Monday evenings 7:00pm- 7:30pm . Where general concerns are remembered. The venue is published in the notices.

Thursday morning there is a short service which follows the Iona liturgy  9:15am – 9:45am where concerns for the wider world are remembered.

Each Sunday, following the service, there is a “prayer team” available for those who wish prayer for themselves or others.

PRAYER ROOM. Is open on Sundays and whenever the church building is open. After services a member of the prayer team will be there, although people can go in for prayer alone, or to think.

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